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First residential water meter in the world to measure both flow and pressure

Intelligent water meter- first small scale water meter in the world to measure both flow and pressure.

Our meter measures water flow and consumption, and both static and dynamic pressure - all this in one single compact unit.

It comes in all sizes, from consumer meters to large network main meters. It is designed for both residential and water network use.

Cloud service

Aquamatrix water meter sends the data in real-time to our cloud service. Users get access to our application, and get real-time information of water consumption. The newest IoT technologies (long range radios, NB-IoT, etc.) are used to transfer the data.


High-end services


Our leakage detection algorithm uses flow and pressure data and calculates the location of the leakage accurately inside houses and in water networks.  Our system can detect even slight changes in the water flow, thus, preventive action can be taken and users and repair service will be contacted automatically.

Pressure data can be used for optimizing the whole network. Optimally pressurized water network helps to reduce break-ups, leakages, energy consumption and to increase the water quality and user comfort.


Malminkaari 5

00700 Helsinki

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+358 (0)40 565 9635

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